Hall of Fame

AWBA Hall OF Fame

In 1974, the American Wheelchair Bowling Association established the AWBA Hall of Fame.  This prestigious honor is given to those individuals who have exhibited their love and support of wheelchair bowling along with their individual achievements and long service, dedication, and promotion at a local and national level of the sport itself.  The individuals that have been inducted in the AWBA’s Hall of Fame are as follows:

Richard Carlson (Posthumously) 1974 James “Sonny” Steward 1987
Douglas Keaton 1976 Donald Bunn 1988
Paul O’Hora 1976 Leroy Mitchell 1990
Kenneth Seaquist 1976  Van Schneider 1990
Norbert Blake 1977 James “Sully” Sullivan 1991
Wally Gordon 1977 Larry Seymour 1992
Stuart Kah 1977 Bob Murdock 1994
William Roberts 1978  George Snyder 1994
Clyde “Buddy” Cole (Posthumously) 1979 Dave Roberts 1995
Donald Pinault 1980 Walt Roy 1998
Richard Schumacher 1980 Paul “Triple Quad” Cook 1999
Gene Ramus 1982 Wayne Webber 2003
James “Woody” Woodruff 1982 William H. Boyd 2007
Daryl Pfister 1983 Donald Bruns 2008
Nelson Welker (Posthumously) 1983 Roger Templar 2009
Al Uttecht 1985 Don Popora 2009
 Mike Schneider 1986 Jerry Mills, Martin Frost 2010
Ralph Haskell 2012 Harold Bowman 2013

Symbolic of a member passing, however, each is remembered in the hearts of their families and friends. Should you have information that would help keep the record updated, please inform the association regarding those individuals.  Thank you.