"Founded in 1962 by Richard Carlson, the AWBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to growth, encouragement, promotion and regulation of the sport of wheelchair bowling throughout the world. The AWBA will provide, through its tournament events and web site access, a competitive, challenging, and informative environment for those individuals with disabilities requiring the use of a wheelchair while bowling to participate in bowling events no matter their individual skill level.  

Our overall objective will always be, as it was in the beginning, to promote the sport itself and the camaraderie amongst its members"

Promoting abilities, not disability.



The First Step…

You have just taken the first step into the world of wheelchair bowling.  And what a great world it is!!!!

Our web site, as you have seen in the American Wheelchair Bowling Associations' mission statement, is solely dedicated to educating those that are confined to a wheelchair, what the AWBA is about and how we can help you get started or improve your bowling skills.

We hope that you have:

  • Either a strong interest in learning how the sport of bowling is done from a wheelchair or
  • You are currently participating in the sport but would like to become involved in an organization made up of wheelchair bowlers.

Either way, you will find that thru the AWBA or our web site, your questions can and will be answered by those members that have proven their bowling skills over the years.

Whether you are new to the sport or an accomplished wheelchair bowler, there is a place for you.  With over 40 years of experience to call upon, there is not a question that cannot be answered by one of our members.

The AWBA thanks you for visiting our site, full of information for you and its members.  Your questions and support are welcomed. Welcome to the wonderful world of wheelchair bowling!!!!