Online Membership ApplicationThe AWBA membership is made up of young, old and everything in between.  We are simply a snapshot of America with the exception that when bowling, we do it from a wheelchair.  Here are just a few of examples of our makeup:

  • 60% of our membership are United States military veterans
  • We are made up of both men and women
  • All volunteer organization-no paid staff
  • Our disabilities are varied, some are:
    • Paraplegics
    • Quadriplegics
    • Amputees
    • Spinabifida
    • Ms
    • Polio
    • Stroke victims
  • Ages from mid 20’s to mid 70’s
  • $15.00 annual donation that brings thousands of dollars of help with your game and friends forever.

We are a membership of amateurs, separated by our bowling handicap for competition purposes, brought together by our competitive spirit and camaraderie of our members.

If you need to be in a wheelchair to bowl, you will fit right in!!!!!

We Want YOU!


Organized in 1962 with 33 Charter Members

 Richard F. Carlson, Founder

Richard Alspach
John Banks
George Bertram
Norbert Blake
Ray Bowser
Joe Brown
Joe Ciccone
Doyce Etheridge
Paul Fisher
Wally Gordon
Everett Hackman
Forrest Hays
Jack Hogue
Monroe Jackson
Doug Keaton
Andrew Kellerman
Al Lehman
Bud Lebarsky
Jack McFerron
Bob Montague
Dean Naden
George Nye
Mike O’Donnell
Paul O’Hora
Leon Pierce
Henry Rice
Ron Ritcherson
Ken Seaquist
Larry Seymour
Angelo Stark
Robert Smith
Nelson Welker

AWBA Hall OF Fame

In 1974, the American Wheelchair Bowling Association established the AWBA Hall of Fame.  This prestigious honor is given to those individuals who have exhibited their love and support of wheelchair bowling along with their individual achievements and long service, dedication, and promotion at a local and national level of the sport itself.  The individuals that have been inducted in the AWBA’s Hall of Fame are as follows:

Richard Carlson (Posthumously) 1974 James “Sonny” Steward 1987
Douglas Keaton 1976 Donald Bunn 1988
Paul O’Hora 1976 Leroy Mitchell 1990
Kenneth Seaquist 1976  Van Schneider 1990
Norbert Blake 1977 James “Sully” Sullivan 1991
Wally Gordon 1977 Larry Seymour 1992
Stuart Kah 1977 Bob Murdock 1994
William Roberts 1978  George Snyder 1994
Clyde “Buddy” Cole (Posthumously) 1979 Dave Roberts 1995
Donald Pinault 1980 Walt Roy 1998
Richard Schumacher 1980 Paul “Triple Quad” Cook 1999
Gene Ramus 1982 Wayne Webber 2003
James “Woody” Woodruff 1982 William H. Boyd 2007
Daryl Pfister 1983 Donald Bruns 2008
Nelson Welker (Posthumously) 1983 Roger Templar 2009
Al Uttecht 1985 Don Popora 2009
 Mike Schneider 1986 Jerry Mills 2010
Ralph Haskell 2012

Symbolic of a member passing, however, each is remembered in the hearts of their families and friends. Should you have information that would help keep the record updated, please inform the association regarding those individuals.  Thank you.


Honorary Life Members

Over the years, the AWBA Board of Directors has granted Honorary Life Memberships to individuals who, in the opinion of the Board have made outstanding contributions of time, effort or other unselfish support on behalf of this association.  Accordingly, we hereby recognize those individuals.

Hill Carlson
Guy Wilson
Francis O’Hora
Edie Keaton
Janet Harvey
Linda Mills
Helena Roy
Linda Schneider
Jim Smith
Janet Kendall
Bonnie Pfister
Ray Korchak
Gene Moore



Joe served from 1968-69 in the USMC serving in Vietnam where he received his injury.  He was discharged in 1970 at the rank of Sgt. Joe has been paralyzed and in a wheelchair almost 40 years. Joe and his wife Hilda live in California. He joined the Paralyzed Veterans of America in 1980, the California Paralyzed Veterans Chapter 1981 and served as Board member/chapter Secretary/Vice President/PVA National Director and President until 1990. He was elected to PVA National Executive Committee in 1990 as Vice President for 4 Years and served as PVA Senior Vice President for 4 years and served as PVA President for 4 years.  He is now serving as the Immediate Past President for past 5 years. And Joe did not stop there.  Now he is serving as President of the PVA/Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund. He started bowling in 1985 left bowling in 1988 until 2005 and then got the passion back and rejoined AWBA.

Wayne Webber

My name is Wayne Webber
I’m a C-7 / C-6 injury quad and an A Division bowler, starting in the B Division, carrying a 140 average  with a handle ball when I first started, my high game was 241 scratch. Then moved the a conventional grip ball, and then challenged myself to go finger tip raising my average 20 pins, high game 256 high series 656. In 1989 got into a pro-shop and was taught to drill balls. With-in nine months I kicked the guy that brought me in out of his shop and took over, very successfully too. I then moved to Florida from Massachusetts in 1992, still drill my owe equipment in my garage.I’ve been on the AWBA Board for over twenty years, Vice Chairman for one year, Chairman for nine years. I have helped in putting on a number of tournaments, and put on three National assisting in one of them. I am very passionate about this organization and its future. I ‘m happy to serve as your new Vice Chairman for this next year.

Paul Kenny
Paul Kenney is a US Army veteran (1972-76).  A California native, he currently lives in Hollis, New Hampshire with his wife, Deborah Jelley.  Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986, Paul has been using a wheelchair for 20 years.  He began bowling in 2005 and has been attending AWBA tournaments since 2006.  He has been a winner in two National Team events and the “A” division champion at the 2010 Cal/Diego Golden State Open.  Paul was appointed to the AWBA board in 2009, and elected Treasurer in 2011.

            AWBA Auxiliary “Outstanding Service Award”

In every organization there are those that are called the backbone of the organization.  The AWBA is no different.  The AWBA Auxiliary, those significant others that range from wives, sons, daughter, husbands, family and friends that support the efforts of the members of the AWBA, take on tasks that the members themselves either cannot perform due to their particular challenge or simply do not have the time or patience for.  Without the Auxiliary, each tournament director would have major challenges in many areas that the Auxiliary handles without a hitch.  They are truly a gracious and non demanding organization.

In 1979 the AWBA Auxiliary instituted the “Outstanding Service Award” to honor those individual Auxiliary members that have gone above and beyond the norm in service to the AWBA membership.  This award is equivalent to our Hall of Fame, and represents outstanding individual contributions by these honorees.

Fran Pinault
Pat Schneider
Ruth Gruber
Bonita Mitchell
Edie Keaton
Bonnie Pfister
Chris Bunn
Sharon Murdock
Mary Ann Haskell
Ann Baker
Linda Schneider
Helena Roy
Jane Bruns
Debra Frost
Bill Birch