2012 AWBA Championship Winners

Aug 9, 2012 | Article





Handling the responsibilities of a National event is difficult enough, but when you have to do it in pain, it truly tests one’s dedication to the event itself.  That is what Al Neu was faced with as he has been under doctors care for quite some time and he did an admirable job in performing the tasks of the AWBA’ showcase event of the year.  A wonderful group of competitors came together for the 51st National Championships and as always, many memorable moments were made for all to cherish for years to come.  We were greeted by wonderful weather and a bowling center that has offered challenges to all bowlers at every level for many years, and this year was no exception.

Competition started with the Doubles on Tuesday and for the first time in the many years he has been competing, J.K. Johnston won his first National Doubles Event with his partner David Spotts.  He was beaming with Texas Pride as it was the only National title that was not on his wall of fame.  On Wednesday, the Team competition took the stage and David Spotts, again, along with Walter Farrington and Roger Templar took the prize.  There were some that suggested David be auctioned off next year since his presence as a team player will be in high demand.  Wednesday evening the Up/Down was held welcoming some of the local bowlers and supporters to join in the fun.  Great support was shown and newly inducted USBC Hall of Fame Gary Daroszewski joined in the fun as well.  The event was won by Michael Golden, J. Cottobolac, and M. Smith.  Thanks to all those that participated in this fun event.

Competition for the National Singles title began on Thursday and over the next 3 days and 15 games plus, there were some great scores bowled in all Divisions.  Walt Roy’s 266, Stan Moorhead’s 257 and Eddy Hutchens 706 Series are just a few highlights of some great bowling.  In the end, only 5 competitors stood, many of which were new to participating in a National Roll-off format.  In “B” division, our AWBA Chairperson took Joe Fox, Sr., took on Tom Maciosek for the title with Tom out dueling Joe for the title.  In “A” Division, Kevin DeBono outlasted top qualifier Stan Moorehead, 221-202 for the top spot.  And in the Scratch Division, two titans collided, recently inducted USBC Hall of Famer Al Uttecht took on high qualifier “Mr. 300” Shawn Beam.  Shawn outlasted Al for his first National Championship, 225-170.  Winners in each division stood in a place where they had never stood before, National Champions.  A changing of the guard?  Only time will tell but they will certainly represent the AWBA proudly for many years to come.

During the week we were treated to “Bratfest” just outside the bowling center where many experienced their first taste of a “Brat”!!!!!  The Auxiliary traveled to a wonderful winery on Tuesday and on Thursday evening, we were treated to a GREAT Bluegrass Band, some smooth flowing adult beverages, and great friendship.  Thanks to J.K. Johnston for hiring this group, it exposed some of us to where music really started in America.

Finally, let me express my thanks to my committee that assisted in putting on this event.  The many sponsors, National PVA, USBC, Columbia, Storm,  and the WWSA to mention just a few, who gave much to insure the success of this event.  To Linda Schneider and Helena Roy for all of the help, assistance, and guidance in making things flow smoothly during the week of activities.  And to the AWBA Auxiliary for their tireless work in support of the AWBA and the sport of wheelchair bowling.  We enjoyed having all of you in the great state of Wisconsin and hope you enjoyed your stay.

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