2nd Annual Great Plains PVA/AWBA Invitational Results

Jul 27, 2018 | Article

Date of Event: July 12-15, 2018
Location of Event: Thunderbowl Lanes, Council Bluffs, IA

Paralyzed Veterans of America Great Plains Chapter and Tournament Director Dave Nelson were pleased to welcome 34 bowlers to its 2nd Annual Great Plains PVA/AWBA Invitational. Everyone showed up ready to bowl, the enthusiasm was contagious, and it was a great tournament! Thank you to AWBA for its support with pre-tournament preparations and to National PVA for its generous funding and for coordinating the tournament apparel.

The tournament began Thursday, July 12th with 16 teams competing in the Doubles Division. After 1 set, the top 4 qualifying teams were: 1st James Beversdorf & Tom Stubbs, 2nd Mark Linquist & Randy Squier, 3rd Eric Sanchez & Kenneth Mumford, and 4th Robert Arciola & Stacey Deane. After an exciting roll-off, the final standings were: 1st Robert Arciola & Stacey Deane, 2nd Eric Sanchez & Kenneth Mumford, 3rd Mark Linquist & Randy Squier, and 4th James Beversdorf & Tom Stubbs.

There were 13 bowlers in the Handicap B Division and after 5 sets the standings were: 1st Larry Chrislip (3155), 2nd Stacey Deane (3153), 3rd Randy Squier (3126), 4th Roy Gray (3090), and 5th David Nelson (3054). After the roll-offs, the final standings were: 1st Stacey Deane, 2nd Larry Chrislip, 3rd Randy Squier, 4th David Nelson, and 5th Roy Gray.

There were 15 bowlers in the Handicap A Division and after 5 sets the standings were: 1st Phillip Daniel (3222), 2nd Kenneth Hill (3112), 3rd Stephen Smith (3112), 4th Andy Bernt (3106), and 5th Wayne Webber (3081). After the roll-offs, the standings remained the same: 1st Phillip Daniel, 2nd Kenneth Hill, 3rd Stephen Smith, 4th Andy Bernt, and 5th Wayne Webber. High Handicap Series was awarded to Phillip Daniel and High Handicap Game went to Wayne Webber.

There were 6 bowlers in the Scratch Division and after 5 sets the standings were: 1st Eddy Hutchens (2669), 2nd John Budd (2648), 3rd Shawn Beam (2644), 4th Jason Nelson ( 2577), 5th Albert “Brooks” Martin (2534). After the roll-offs, Eddy Hutchens successfully defended his 2017 Great Plains PVA tournament title and placed first. Second place went to Albert “ Brooks” Martin, 3rd place went to John Budd, 4th place went to Shawn Beam, and 5th place to Jason Nelson. High Scratch Series was awarded to Eddy Hutchens and High Scratch Game went to Shawn Beam.

Thanks to all the bowlers who participated in Friday night’s Up/Down Tournament. We had 30 teams participate and it was a full house! Congratulations to our winners: 1st the Eddy Hutchens team, 2nd the Curtis Wolff team, 3rd the Roy Gray team, 4th the Johnny Baylark team, and 5th the Gil Herrera team.

At Great Plains PVA we look for ways to add special touches to our tournament. This year, Tournament Director Dave Nelson secured 5 bowling balls and all of the bowlers were entered into a free drawing. At the beginning of each Singles set, a name was drawn and that bowler received a free Storm bowling ball. Congratulations to our 5 winners: John Scott, James Beversdorf, Johnny Baylark, Kevin Schaefer and Gary Poole.

This year’s tournament was honored to introduce the Mike Moore Spirit Award. Mike was a member of Great Plains PVA for over 18 years. He loved the spirit of competition and was passionate about sharing his love of sports with fellow veterans. He inspired them and encouraged them to find that same spirit within themselves and to become the best athlete they could be. The award was named in his memory. Participants were asked to vote for the bowler that most captured the spirit of competition, demonstrated good sportsmanship and was an inspiration to his fellow bowlers during the tournament. Congratulations to Tournament Director Dave Nelson for being voted the first recipient of the Mike Moore Spirit Award.

Everyone at Great Plains PVA had a great time being part of this tournament! We appreciate all the help from our volunteers and all the support from the bowlers. Thanks for making it a great weekend and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year!