The “AWBA Ranking System” has been modeled after ranking systems used in other competitive sports and modified to fit our specific sport.

The top three finishes for each bowler will be used to compile the overall ranking for each division bowled within a calendar year.  If a bowler bowls four or more tournaments in a calendar year, then the lowest points will not be counted toward the individual ranking. The points awarded at a tournament expire after the same tournament is completed in the following calendar year and will no longer be counted toward final ranking.

The number of points awarded will depend on the number of bowlers entered into each division at the tournament. Starting with last place, one point will be awarded increasing by one for each place through sixth place.

Then for all tournaments, other than “Nationals”, 5th=20pts, 4th=25pts, 3rd=30pts, 2nd=35pts, 1st=40pts.

For the “National” tournament the points are, 5th=30pts, 4th=35pts, 3rd=40pts,2nd=45pts,1st=50pts. These points are figured based on the final roll-off round.

After the individual tournament points have been awarded each bowler is awarded “Bonus Points” based on their current “AWBA Tournament Average”.  These points will be added to each bowler to determine their final ranking points for the year.  Please note that points are awarded based on the division bowled at each event and therefore bowlers may have ranking points for multiple divisions within a year.  Points in one division DO NOT count toward ranking in other divisions.

AWBA 2019 Rankings through May 31st, 2019

Tour Averages through 2019 Las Vegas Invitational