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How do I get started?
You already have. You have found the AWBA. Just fill out the application and mail it along with your check. You will have access to all the information from our membership to help with all your questions.
What are my annual dues used for?
An Annual Membership is $25, or a Life Membership is $200. The dues are primarily used to support the Mission Statement of the AWBA. In addition, newsletter printing, handicap maintenance, mailings, web site support, and growth of the organization are just a few ways. There is NO paid staff within the AWBA. All positions are filled with volunteers.
Do I need any special equipment to bowl from a wheelchair?
While there are accessories available to hold the ball in the chair, etc. nothing other than your chair is needed. For some Quadriplegics and stroke victims, a snap ball is made in which the handle of the ball retracts into the ball once released.
How do I choose the right ball?
Most bowling facilities have a pro shop for the purpose of assisting with bowling balls, supplies, and have a wealth of knowledge about the game. The average wheelchair bowler uses a 10lb. ball but remember, this is an average. As you progress in your learning, you may find that a heavier/lighter ball may work best for you. AWBA members can help you with this along with your local pro shop. The price of balls ranges from $75.00 and up.
Are bowling facilities accessible?
While the majority of bowling facilities are, some are somewhat cumbersome. The AWBA has made great strides in this area and continues to work with those that are not. Normal access such as ramps and restroom facilities are.
Do I have to join any other bowling organization?
In order to enter in an AWBA tournament, you must be a member of the United States Bowling Congress. You can join thru your local bowling establishment or online. The USBC regulates bowling and works with the AWBA in our endeavors to promote wheelchair bowling.
I am in a power chair, can I bowl?
Yes, many of our members are in power chairs.
Can I roll up and release the ball while moving?
Yes, the bowler may roll and release while moving provided the bowler does not violate the foul line.
What is the cost of the AWBA tournaments?
The entry fee for tournaments varies by tournament. However, for the bowling portion of the tournament, a fair average would be $150.00. This fee applies to the singles event which is normally 15 games over a 3 day period, the doubles event in which you and a partner bowl together against others, and the up/down, a unique event involving both walking bowlers and wheelchair bowlers.
Do I have to qualify to enter an AWBA tournament?
No, the only qualifications are that you be a member in good standing with both the AWBA and USBC.
Will I always be in the same division?
Your tournament division is based on two (2) factors, what your tournament average is and the number of entries to that given tournament. Therefore, as your game improves, the division that you are placed in could change. Of course, the reverse is true as well.
How does AWBA handicapping work?
Simply put, if your average is 100 and your opponent’s average is 130, your opponent has to outscore you by 31 pins to win. This only applies to A and B division as scratch is scratch.
I am a stand up bowler or don’t bowl at all. Can I donate to the AWBA?
Yes and remember, the AWBA is a 501C non-profit organization allowing you to use the donation as a TAX DEDUCTION.


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