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Mackmedia is sponsoring select AWBA tournaments by offering Hotel Savings Cards to tournament participants.

What is a Hotel Savings Card?

A Hotel Savings Card is a digital code that provides hotel, car rental and activity discounts through a dedicated booking portal. Hotel Savings Cards may be redeemed at more than 1,000,000 participating hotels and resorts worldwide.

There is no cost to redeem/activate or use a Hotel Savings Card, and the discounts are lower than other booking platforms like Expedia,, and other comparable travel companies. The booking platform is very similar to the aforementioned platforms.

Note: When comparing the Hotel Savings Card discounts to platforms like Expedia, please note that these platforms do not show taxes and other fees until checkout. In comparison, the Hotel Savings Card booking portal shows prices that include taxes and all fees (except resort fees). Most rooms available with the Hotel Savings Card are non-refundable, but trip insurance may be purchased on checkout.

How Does The Hotel Savings Card Work?

Hotel Savings Cards work like a “Savings Bank”. If the savings card value is $100, the Savings Bank balance starts at $100. If accommodations are booked and $75 are saved, then $75 is deducted from the Savings Bank and $25 savings remain for the next booking. The “Savings Bank” may include the value of multiple cards.

How Much Can I Save?

Hotel Savings Cards offer a discount on a rack rates. Hotel Savings Cards do not provide a straight 1:1 dollar discount; they offer a percentage discount based on the nightly rate and total amount of the reservation. The more expensive the accommodations, the higher the discount.

Hotel Savings Cards give you access to wholesale rates. Here are some examples as a rough guideline. These are only guidelines and rough examples.

  • A 2 star hotel at $69/night may provide a 4-8% discount. On a 3 night stay, the discount may be $8-$16 total.
  • A 3 star hotel at $110/night may provide a 20-40% discount. On a 3 night stay, the discount may be $66-$132 total.
  • A 4-5 star hotel at $300/night may provide a 30-40% discount. On a 3 night stay, the discount may be $270-$360 total.

Here is a more detailed example that assumes a Savings Bank of $100:

  • A 3-star hotel has a retail rate of $150/night.
  • The wholesale rate for the hotel is $125/night.
  • You will receive up to a $50 discount on a 2-night stay.
  • After booking the room, your Savings Bank will be $50 ($100 Savings Bank – $150 Discount = $50).

How Will I Receive My Hotel Savings Card?

Hotel Savings Cards will be sent to tournament participants after the tournament has ended, by email and/or text message. If you have any questions, please contact the tournament director.

What is the redemption process?

Once you receive a Hotel Savings Card with a redemption code, you will use a dedicated booking platform that cross-checks and compares rates provided by other travel company platforms. An example is provided below: