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  • Get the Sanctioning Benefits!
  • It’s Easy and Free!
  • Just fill out are online application for your bowling event, follow the instructions and we will even advertise your event on our website for Free!
  • Ensure the Integrity of your Event!
  • The Ultimate Goal is Fair, Equitable, and Competitive Fun for Everyone!

We promote Abilities Not disabilities of Any Wheelchair Bowler.

1. Sanctioning is free! Fill out the online application.
Download any tournament Flyers or advertising you want to include.

2. Sanctioning the tournament is free however; Tournament bowlers need to be sanctioned through the USBC and the AWBA.

  • AWBA Membership fee is $25 annually, or you could become a life member for $200 and receive a “Storm” bowling ball and an “I Am Bowling” life member bowling jersey. Over $120.00 value and you will never need to worry about sanctioning with that AWBA again.
  • USBC sanctioning is through the bowler’s leagues, or they can purchase an unaffiliated card through the USBC website.

3. Sanction your tournament through the USBC.
If you need help just ask us. This ensures the integrity of your tournament as well as your tournament directors. Why sanction your tournament with the USBC?

4. After your tournament is complete send us your tournament results and any pictures you would like us to post on our website. Be sure to include the final standings of all bowlers. Names, Scratch Score total pins, and number of games bowled. We use this to determine the tournament average.

  • Note: If your tournament is 12 games or more and has a step ladder final, please send the results in each respective classification. These will be used for our national rankings.
  • Note: our database creates a tournament average by aggregating the scores with other sanctioned tournaments and then combines this with the bowlers USBC book average to calculate a composite average.

Once you have sanctioned, we will provide you with access to our database so you can verify a bowler’s actual weighted average. Composite averages prevent sandbagging helping to ensure fair handicapping for your tournament.

This ensures fair play at yours and future events!


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