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3rd Annual MAPVA Invitational Tournament Results
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Mid-Atlantic Invitational TD Jimmy May

The MAPVA Tournament Started out with 18 Bowlers from around the Country, we probably would have had a few more if Florence hadn’t hit the East Coast.

We Started Friday with 6 teams in the doubles vying for the championship, Keith Green and Gary Poole, won the event with, Chuck Karcewski and Brooks Martin coming in second.

Friday night we had our Up and Down with 15 teams a few dressed up for the Hoe- Down, Ann Heath took home the best Costume and prize.

Up and Down winners were LaDon Chamber, wife Yonnette, daughter Ashley.

To start our day of singles Saturday, we had a health big breakfast.

Saturday, we began the Singles competition and the lanes were challenging to say the least, After the 12 qualifying games 13 bowlers made the roll off, with George Holscher bowling 149 winning scratch, over Brooks Martin with a 148 it was an exciting game.

A Division, Wayne Webber bowled a 191 to defeat Steve Edgar 183.
A – HHG Steve Edgar 239, HHS Rich Gabory 610

B Division, Kathy Tilbury defeated Chris Bacon 213 to 183.
B HHG Chris Bacon 245, HHS Kathy Tilbury 659
Scratch HSG Keith Scott 200, HSS George Holscher 479

The silent partner was won by Chris Bacon and Kathy Tilbury.

I would like to thank Mid – Atlantic Chapter, National PVA, AWBA, Storm and our Volunteers, also a great job by Bowl America Short Pump with helping out with scoring the event providing. Breakfast and lunches for our 3-day Tournament.

Most of all I would like to thank the bowlers that attended tournament and those who participated in the up and down.

Look forward to seeing you next year.

See the scores below.

Final Standings

B Division

  Chuck Karczewski 185
5th Keith Green 159
  LaDon Chanbers 205
4th Chuck Karczewski 202
3rd LaDon Chambers 183
  Kathy Tilbury 209
1st Kathy Tilbury 213
2nd Chris Bacon 183


A Division

  Gary Poole 178
5th Rich Gabory 161
4th Gary Poole 177
  James Carver 198
  Steven Edgar 167
3rd James Carver 137
2nd Steve Edgar 183
1st Wayne Webber 191


Scratch Division

  Brooks Martin 170
3rd Keith Scott 125
2nd Brooks Martin 148
1st George Holscher 149

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