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We have finished our 61 st AWBA National Tournament. Curt and I are very pleased with how the tournament went off. We heard from many Members that this was one of our best tournaments put on. There were many things we would have done differently and will change in years to come but successful, nonetheless.

We hope everyone made it home safely and enjoyed their time in Colorado. We would like to thank all our Volunteers, Julet, Carol, Mountain States PVA Chapter and their ladies who ran the 50/50 all week for us. A huge thanks to Loretta Spotts, you did an amazing job. Also, thanks to Meara Kortum for heading up our raffle portion of the Up/Down on Friday night. You all made this tournament doable, and we are very appreciative of your efforts. Our Tournament was held at Bowlero Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Tim was our contact and Manager of this Bowlero. Tim did an awesome job for us, very accommodating and again, we are very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Bowlero for this National Tournament. The AWBA is working with Bowlero to put together a partnership with Bowlero so we can try to hold as many tournaments as possible at the local Bowlero’s.

A huge thank you to Storm, I Am Bowling, BPAA, BVL and the USBC, and Sportaid, Sports and Spokes, we cannot and do not want to do it without your support. Thanks to Toodie Perry for all her donations over the years, she really puts heart and soul into all the raffle items she donates to the Nationals each year.

Antonio Garcia and James were a huge help in all aspects of making this tournament run, thanks to both of you for all you did at this tournament as well as all year long.


Scratch Division, Dave Nelson beat out Mark Shepherd, Doug Dalton then won over Dave. Doug then faced Eddy Hutchens where Eddy prevailed. Eddy then bowled George Holscher in the final match.

Neither of these two seemed too eager to win as the match was given back and forth. Eddy ended the match with a win over George for back-to-back National Titles.

A Division, Frank Goebel lost to Rick Mahaney in the first match. Rick then bowled Gil Herrera where Gil was victorious. Gil then bowled William Leavitt. Will won that one and moved on to bowl Gary Poole. Will was also able to best Gary for the National Title in the A Division.

B Division, Roy Gray took on Debra Freed and was able to defeat her. Roy then bowled Rich Goebel where Roy was also the winner. Roy then fell to Chris Murphy in their match. Chris then bowled Jamie Rodriguez where Jamie was able to overtake Chris and give Jamie back-to-back National Titles.

Congratulations to all our bowlers and I am so looking forward to our 62 nd National Championship which may be held in Iowa with Dave Nelson as the Tournament Director. Go Big Red!!!

In closing, I am sure I missed so many that helped make this tournament a success and I am sorry. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

Curt Wolff and Eddy Hutchens, Co Tournament Directors

Tournament Results

National Champions

  • Eddy Hutchens (Scratch Division)
  • William Leavitt (A Division)
  • Jaime Burgos Rodriguez (B Division)

Senior Classic Champion

  • Brooks Martin

Alma Ladwig

  • Debra Freed

Team Champions

  • Eddy Hutchens
  • Mark Sheppard
  • Toddie Perry

Richard Carlson All-Event Champion

  • Eddy Hutchens (Scrap Division)
  • Roy Gray (Handicap Division)

Bill Hart Sportsman

  • Phillip Daniel

Welker Doubles Champions

  • Roy Gray/Marlon Benn
  • Mike Tucker


  • Mike Deloach (Scratch Division)
  • Eddy Hutchens (Handicap Division)

A Division Results

  1. Gary Poole
  2. William Leavitt
  3. Frankie Goebel
  4. Gil Herrera
  5. Rick Mahaney
  6. Rich Guerrero
  7. Kenneth Hill
  8. Gabe Diaz Deleon
  9. Mike DeLoach
  10. Johnnie Baylark
  11. Marlon Benn
  12. Kevin Schaefer
  13. Mark Fenn
  14. John Scott
  15. Mike Marcheskie
  16. Phillip Daniel
  17. Christopher Parnell
  18. Andy Szahowski
  19. John Kellner
  20. Ronald Richardson
  21. Henry Walters

B Division Results

  1. Jaime Rodriguez Burgos
  2. Chris Murphy
  3. Rich Goebel
  4. Debra Freed
  5. Roy Gray
  6. Allen Neu
  7. Toddie Perry
  8. Jimmy May
  9. Stephen Smith
  10. Grant Buehler
  11. Mike Tucker
  12. John Melvin
  13. Kavin Monroe
  14. Robert Arciola
  15. Bill Burns
  16. Stacy Standers Clowders
  17. Anthony Redano
  18. Jennifer Hooten
  19. Dominic Cirino

Scratch Division Results

  1. Brooks Martin
  2. Doug Dalton
  3. Dave Nelson
  4. Mark Shepherd
  5. George Holscher
  6. Eddy Hutchens
  7. Shawn Beam
  8. Walt Roy
  9. Colby Kortum
  10. Curt Wolff
  11. Kyle Kennon

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