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We had a great crowd of 19 bowlers sign-up, 3 had to drop out do to various reasons at the last minute.
Friday, the Doubles started at noon. We had 8 teams and it was tough going for some. As we cut to 4 teams, bowling was still hard for some, but all went well and it was a surprise to the winning team that they won.

Saturday started our main event; things went off on time and lane conditions improved.
Lunches were taken care of both days, and a social was set for Saturday evening at a nearby hotel.  We had horsduvers and a cash bar, the weather and company of the bowlers was great. After Saturday one bowler dropped do to injury.

Sunday started early, bowlers fighting for positions. B Division was won by Andy Bernt of Tampa area, A Division was won by Don Porpora of Sebring, Fl, and Scratch was won by Roger Templar from Melbourne, Fl.  We had bowlers from Virginia and Ohio come in to bowl.  Next year we will host the Florida State Tournament in Melbourne, FL. We hope we can draw a larger group of bowlers as this event is first class in all areas and the weather, well its always good in Florida in April.


Florida State Bowling Tournament    April 25-27th, 2014


1stBAndy Bernt$375.00
2ndBMillie Irizzary$275.00
3rdBJudy Mosher$150.00
4thBChuck Karczewski$100.00
5thBKeith Green$100.00
6thBEd Linde$50.00
1stADon Porpora$375.00
2ndATom Maciosek$275.00
3rdATerry Rock$150.00
4thAWilliam Boyd$100.00
5thALarry Chauncey$100.00
1stScratchRoger Templar$375.00
2ndScratchDave Roberts$275.00
3rdScratchWayne Webber$150.00
3rdScratchRon Johnson$100.00



1stRon Johnson & Tom Maciosek$300.00
2ndMillie Irizzary & Keith Green$200.00
3rdTerry Rock & Andy Bernt$100.00
4thJim Sullivan & Don Porpora$100.00


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