Vaughan Chapter 5th Annual Bowling Tournament
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Vaughan Chapter 5th Annual Bowling Tournament

Greetings AWBA members!

Registration is now open for the next AWBA tournament, this being operated by the Vaughan Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), sanctioned through our organization and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

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Prize List

The tournament runs over a three-day weekend of May 3 through 5, 2024 at Bowlero Romeoville, Illinois. The center is along I-55, a little southwest of Chicago. For this tournament, all sets will be four games, with the exception of the Up/Down fundraiser, three games. A clinic will also be conducted at some point over the tournament.

Registrations may be accessed here.

A prize list for the tournament is listed here.

A schedule of events within the tournament:

Friday May 3rd, 2024

  • 1:00 PM Doubles Check-In
    Set (4 games)


  • 6:00 PM Up/Down (all bowlers check in)
  • 7:00 PM (3 games)

Saturday, May 4th 2024

  • 10:30 AM Singles Check In
  • 11:00 AM Open Ceremonies
  • 11:15 AM Set #1 (4 Games)
  • 2:00 PM Set #2 (4 Games)

Sunday May 5th 2024

  • 10:00 AM Singles Check In
  • 10:30 AM Set#3 (4 Games)
  • 1:00 PM Roll Off (4 Games Per Division)

Regarding entering averages:

AWBA Adjusted Tournament Average (ATA) for this and other tournaments will be computed by using a bowler’s average score bowled in all AWBA-sanctioned tournaments bowled in the previous year, as far back as the Vaughan 2023 Tournament. Tournaments not sanctioned by AWBA will not be included. Each average will be its own Value. We will use the bowler’s most recent composite average posted under their record at (their Find a Member service) posted as of the Tournament Entry/Average Deadline of April 19. If no averages are posted for the 2023-24 season, we will use the composite from 2022-23. The bowler’s USBC composite average will be an additional Value. The Values from each AWBA tournament, plus the bowler’s USBC composite Value, will be themselves averaged, fractions dropped, computing their Adjusted Tournament Average (ATA) which will determine handicap.


Handicaps are 100% of 200 minus the bowler’s ATA.


A bowler who has no AWBA tournaments for the past calendar year, and no USBC posted averages from 2022-23 or newer, will need to provide a record of either current season bowling provided by their league secretary(ies), or provide a minimum of twelve (12) games of supervised bowling, to establish an average.


For Divisions, any bowler wishing to bowl scratch in the Singles may do so; their ATA will be applied for handicap in the Doubles and Up/Down, at any rate. There is no maximum ATA for Handicap, and no minimum ATA for Scratch. All other bowlers will be in Handicap for Singles; A Division will be for bowlers 126 and higher, and B Division for bowlers 125 and under. A bowler whose ATA is below 125 may request to bowl in the A Division, but handicap will be limited to 74 pins per game for Singles, that being the maximum handicap for the lowest ATA for A Division.


Scores from the Vaughan 2024 Tournament will be added to each bowler’s record for computing ATAs for future AWBA tournaments, at which time all 2023 Vaughan and older averages will be dropped.


Any bowler may request their record at any time. It will help if bowlers provide their USBC ID number, although I have a record of those numbers for nearly every active member.

I look forward to seeing an excellent tournout to this tournament.

Frank W. Goebel II, Secretary
American Wheelchair Bowling Association

Upcoming Events

Jun 21, 2024 - Jun 27, 2024
Probowl Sport Academy | Phnom Phen, Cambodia
Tournament Deadline
Apr 30, 2024
2024-12-31 - 2024-12-31
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