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2018 Las Vegas Invitational Tournament Results
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40 AWBA Bowlers from around the country gathered at Sunset Station at the Strike Zone for the 2018 Las Vegas Invitational and a great time was had by all. Opening Ceremony’s was held on Thursday and was followed by the opening two sets of Singles. While the lanes were challenging, which they always are in Vegas, they were more than fair to all. On Friday the Doubles took place and, in the end, Team Nelson (Dave and Jason) were the winners. Friday night the Up/Down was held and it was well attended. The winner was Jason Nelson and his team. It was a great night for both the AWBA and the Nevada PVA. Saturday and Sunday featured the final 3 sets of Singles along with the roll off. In the “B” Division, new AWBA member Jerry Padget defeated Dan Spotts, 220-219 for the championship. In the “A” Division, Jim Rice defeated Terry Stewart, 225-212 for 1st place. In the Scratch Division, 4th seed L.E. Curtis took on Top seed Dave Nelson (bowling his 1st tournament in scratch since returning right handed) and defeated him 179-166 to become the champion. Great Job Bowlers!

We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at Strike Zone and the Nevada PVA. We also want to express our thanks to Storm Bowling, ABC Medical, Logo Infusion, USBC, BPAA and Sport Aid for the great support of the sport of wheelchair bowling. Finally, to our family and friends who show up to cheer, support, and love us no matter how well we perform, we are eternally grateful for each one of you, and we couldn’t do this without you. So, until next year, Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year.



Final Standings

A Division

1st Jim Rice 2395 3265
2nd Terry Stewart 2368 3223
3rd Wayne Webber 2289 3159
4th Andy Bernt 2359 3139
5th Kevin Schaefer 2146 3091
6th Al Uttecht 2550 3075
7th James Gilbank 2415 3060
8th Kenneth Hill 2360 3035
9th Henry Walters 2337 3027
10th Paul Cook 2064 3009
11th Gary Poole 2046 3006
12th Marc Fenn 2027 2942
13th Gary Ryan 2306 2921
14th David Spotts 2091 2916
15th Kenny Mumford 1979 2879
16th Johnnie Baylark 1980 2805

A Division Roll-off Results

1st Jim Rice
2nd Terry Stewart
3rd Wayne Webber
4th Andy Bernt
5th Kevin Schaefer

B Division

1st Dan Spotts 2251 3226
2nd Jerry Padget 1559 3149
3rd Glen Davis 1282 3142
4th Grant Buehler 1996 3106
5th Rick Mahaney 2005 3085
6th Stephen Smith 1975 3040
7th Dominic Cirino 1731 3036
8th Angela Walker 1613 3023
9th Williams Burns 1436 2996
10th Lester Wood 1679 2984
11th Jimmy May 1629 2919
12th Toodie Perry 1810 2845
13th Robert Smith 1584 2829
14th Lawrence Brown 1232 2792
15th Larry Chrislip 1439 2789
16th Deb Moulies 540 2130

B Division Roll-off Results

1st Jerry Padget
2nd Dan Spotts
3rd Rick Mahaney
4th Glen Davis
5th Grant Buehler

Scratch Division

1st Dave Nelson 2780
2nd Eddy Hutchens 2561
3rd Jason Nelson 2535
4th L. E. Curtis 2532
5th Colby Kortum 2517
6th Peter Arballo 2493
7th Curt Wolff 2306
8th Walt Roy 2275

Scratch Roll-off Results

1st L.E. Curtis
2nd Dave Nelson
3rd Eddy Hutchens
4th Jason Nelson
5th Colby Kortum

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